Graphic Designer

Kristy Read

Kristy Read is a multidisciplinary graphic designer, now living and working in Halifax. She grew up in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and completed her training through the Nova Scotia Community College.  Kristy began working with the Integrative Science research program in June 2004 and does a variety of design work for the Institute of Integrative Science & Health, including print design (e.g. posters, booklets, brochures, ads), traditional and digital illustration, and photography.  A select few of Kristy's products can be viewed below, including our logo for Two-Eyed Seeing, logo for the Institute for Integrative Science & Health, eco-calendar poster, a puppet poster, and the cover for the children's storybook Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters.  Kristy also created the website for the Integrative Science program that was in use from 2004 through late 2010.  She can be contacted at