Audio/Video Production

Yvonne Mosley

Yvonne Mosley is the Executive Producer of Maritime Television and Production Services; she lives in Lunenburg, NS, with her husband Bob.  In 2005, Yvonne helped the Integrative Science team and Cape Breton University produce events for the Canadian Aboriginal Science and Technology Society (CASTS) national conference held in Sydney and Membertou First Nation.  She did the technical audio taping for some of the early Integrative Science community-based research workshops and she also produced our Two-Eyed Seeing promotional video. Yvonne has continued to work on media products to help promote Elder Albert Marshall's Guiding Principle of Two-Eyed Seeing; for example, “Stories of the Night Sky” features digital video technology coupled with online media training in a project that brings together Aboriginal youth from across Canada to gather and share diverse and rich Aboriginal night sky stories from community Elders (