Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada - Halifax   September 24, 2011

CRC in Integrative Science Cheryl Bartlett is an invited participant and speaker for the "Gathering to Celebrate Indigenous Knowledge:  Mobilizing Pathways to Reconciliation" as part of the Atlantic region event within the seven national events mandated by Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. The event will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 26-29 October 2011.  Organizers have worked closely with the Outreach Residential School Atlantic Committee (ORSAC) of the Atlantic Policy Congress of the First Nations Chiefs Secretariat and with the Research Director of the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission.  The Gathering will involve an opening plenary focused on "Mobilization Pathways to Reconciliation in Education"  and also a series of Knowledge Mobilization Circles.  CRC Bartlett will participate in the Circle entitled "Mobilizing Indigenous Knowledge and Rights".