Integrative Science academic program and BScCS   March 01, 2017

Documents were drafted in Winter 2014 to convey diverse understandings pertaining to Integrative Science as a concentration containing innovative MSIT science courses within the Bachelor of Science Community Studies (BScCS) four year degree at Cape Breton University. The documents were intended to aid anticipated group discussions about potentially reinvigorating the Integrative Science concentration and the BScCS degree, given that both had become non-functional by the late 2000s.  

- The documents were not used and reinvigoration of the Integrative Science academic program as a concentration within the BScCS degree did not occur.

- The documents, prepared by Cheryl Bartlett, were configured as visual presentation materials and thus are best viewed as pages-in-transition rather than as print material. To view them, follow the links in the list below. A textual summary is found at the front end of each document and some content overlaps among the different documents. 

- Collectively, the documents provide an overview of: (1) the work and resources that would have been required in order for reinvigoration of the Integrative Science academic program and BScCS to proceed, and (2) the overall nature and evolving relationships for Integrative Science from its original vision and configuration as an academic program guided by Two-Eyed Seeing in the late 1990s through to its relationships with national developments in the late 2000s and early 2010s. The period 1999 to the mid-2000s saw remarkable success for Integrative Science, including numerous students enrolled in the MSIT courses created for Integrative Science; several students graduate with a BScCS – Integrative Science degree; eleven students earn NSERC-USRAs and some students receive other scholarships; many students engaged in community workshops, summer research projects, and elementary school science outreach; and the Integrative Science program itself receive a national award of recognition from the Canadian Council on Learning.

FIVE DRAFT DOCUMENTS from 2014: towards reinvigoration of the Integrative Science academic program and the BScCS degree

1)      work required - overview. VIEW AS PDF

2)      new courses required – “Science in Community” (SciC). VIEW AS PDF

3)      relationships – looking to AFN’s document on supporting students transitioning to PSE, CCL-AbLKC’s First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Model, and APCFNC/AAEDIRP Elders Project’s Recommendations on Honouring Traditional Knowledge. VIEW AS PDF

4)      relationships – what is Integrative Science ... what is science? VIEW AS PDF

5)      relationships – transdisciplinarity. VIEW AS PDF