Two-Eyed Seeing - CIHR Edmonton   June 19, 2017

On 19 June 2017, Dr. Cheryl Bartlett presented, by invitation, on Two-Eyed Seeing at a meeting of CIHR's "Indigenous Peoples' Health Institutes Advisory Board" in Edmonton, AB. Background was provided on Mi'kmaq Elder Albert Marshall's guiding principle of Two-Eyed Seeing / Etuaptmumk. Also provided was an overview of four key essentials that need to be enacted to ensure Two-Eyed Seeing remains a guiding principle rather than being used as a mechanism, co-opted, trivialized, and/or romanticized. These four key essentials are: (1) co-learning ... learning together and from each other ... the essence of which is "i'l'oqaptmu'k"; (2) knowledge scrutinization ... to see the best and the strengths within our different knowledge systems; (3) knowledge validation ... by peers to ensure authenticity, accuracy, and sacredness; and (4) knowledge gardening ... walking our talk in grounded, actionable projects with and by community. "Integrative Science" was featured as a retrospective example of knowledge gardening. The presentation can be viewed here as a PDF. And, a statement of the presentation's "core objectives, background, and guiding questions" can be viewed here.